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The Ecuadorian Coast offers plenty of amazing places to visit. Surely the most relaxed option are the numerous beaches along the Ecuadorian Pacific Coastline. But there are also some options for getting active: surfing, paragliding, snorkeling, sailing, or hiking are offered in different places along the coast. If you’re interested in Ecuador’s pre-Columbian history, many important archeological sites can be found.  The largest Ecuadorian city, Guayaquil, is also located on the Ecuadorian Coast.


Ecuador’s coast is less visited by foreign tourists and while it may not be quite as spectacular as the Caribbean, it has some fantastic beaches, surf spots, wildlife watching, and seafood.


Begin in Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city, exploring the riverfront Malecon and artistic district Las Peñas. Then you can stop for a surf lesson or party in Montañita town.

Los Frailes

You can relax or hike in Machalilla National Park. The protected beach of  

Los Frailes, here you can see blue-footed boobies and feel amazing tranquility.

Puerto Lopez

Take a trip to La Plata Island from Puerto Lopez, the whale season is the best time to go and be close these awesome mamals. 


Travelling north there are many beautiful beaches to visit, one of them is Manta, arguably Ecuador’s most beautiful coastal city.



El Pelado

We can arrange for you a tour along the Ecuadorian coast that will exceed your expectations...

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