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Offers visitors some of the most stunning natural beauty, cultural diversity and outdoor activities in South America, it is one of the most iconic and easy countries to travel in the Americas where you can enjoy everything in one place. Wander the cobblestone streets of colonial Cuenca or Quito, the largest best preserved colonial cities in Latin America. Taste traditional food and enjoy stunning beaches along the coast. Discovering National parks and natural reserves is one of the things you have to do in this land where 33% of its land is under preserve zone.

Ecuador is divided into three types of terrain: the Sierra, which is the central highlands, the jungles of the Oriente and the Coastal plains. Ecuador experiences a difference in climate between the coast and inland areas. The coast and the lowlands feature a lot of and enjoy a tropical climate, whereas the higher inland elevations have a cooler climate.

During your trip in Ecuador you can see the Andes highest volcanos decorated by white snowcaps. With a varied geography, there is literally almost always something new to discover waiting just around the next corner.

The tropical Amazonian areas receive approximately 500 centimetres of rainfall a year and this enables the forest vegetation to thrive and remain dense and green.

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