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Traveling to England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland on a bespoke vacation with Ground Control Tours is an adventure that brings the excitement of the cities, the towns of the coast, countryside, and historic sites into a fresh focus. 

Our tours can cover a lot of ground-moving from one country to the next by plane, train, ferry, and automobile. We excel as we create itineraries around your passions and interests, and go out of our way to make sure that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

London, Edinburgh, and Dublin are city centers where a myriad of festivals, a diverse variety of world-class restaurants, castles and sites dating back centuries, and a thriving music scene are a veritable who’s who on the list of places to see and things to do.

Scotland is the place to find distilleries on islands and in the highlands dating back to the time of the Jacobites. Aberfeldy is considered the center, and the Isle of Skye-home to Talisker, and the Isle of Islay, home to Laphroaig are two far off places that bring the tradition of whisky making to life.

The Lake District, the coastal towns of Devon and Blackpool, Cumbria-and Snowdonia and Newquay in wales-are favorite spots of nature lovers and those seeking active, outdoor endeavors. Surfing, hiking, and biking through national parks and in laidback coastal towns takes you away from the ordinary and into the UK’s extraordinary landscapes. 

More places within England include Stratford Upon Avon-home to Shakespeare, Whitby-where Dracula arrived in the UK, and Oxford-the prestigious university town where the likes of Albert Einstein and 120 Olympic medalist studied.

The town of Bristol has a thriving art and theater scene, joining London, Dublin, and Edinburgh, where up-and-coming and cutting edge artists and actors ply their trade admid canals, bike paths, hillside parks, and murals painted through the city.

For sports fans, the International Ashes Cricket Tournament takes place in August as England hosts Australia, Ireland, and Pakistan in London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Manchester. 

In Ireland, Scotland, and Wales-the Six Nations Rugby Tournament takes place in February. Ireland vs. England in Dublin, Scotland vs Ireland in Edinburgh, and Wales vs. Ireland in Cardiff are matches that brings out the passion of fans from around the UK and the World. 

For Motorcycle adventures, the north coast of Scotland, the Trans European Trail, the east coast of England, the Lake District, and the Welsh Valley are stunning routes that take you into the peaks and valleys, along the cliffs of the coast, and into the highlands of the UK for adventures that stir the soul and invigorate the spirit.

With Ground Control Tours, the sky is the limit-we take your dreams for a vacation  in the UK and make them a reality. For more information about what we can create, contact us with your ideas for time away from the daily grind in the UK.

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