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Ground Control Tours was established in 2007, it started with a group of friends having fun and wanting to discover exciting new places in Ecuador and its islands so we could share it with the world. Since then, we have been reinventing our travel options so we can offer our clients once in a lifetime experiences in Ecuador and the world. 


As our horizons broadened, so did our vision. Our goal is to foster a love of travel to the present and future generations of travellers. Our international team is passionate about showing our clients the incredible diversity in the places we love. 

We create a bespoke tour based on your requirements, from numbers to demographics, from time of year to specific interests and hobbies, for all budgets and occasions, putting you in the driver’s seat while giving us the chance to exceed your expectations for your time away. 

Contact us with your bucket list, we are ready to arrange the adventure of your lifetime.
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